Winding Stair Gap – Fontana Dam, day 10-13

166 (175) miles / 280 km done. About 1/13 of the trail πŸ˜„. No pain, no rain – no Maine many people say. We had A LOT of rain the last few days and the trail was deep and VERY muddy. Some times really hard to do the steep climbs and descents without falling. 

The song for the last days of pouring rain: – even if we enter the Smokies first on Friday.

The 950 m climb from Nantahala Outdoor Center to Cheohah Bald was the 7th hardest of the entire AT and a guy who needed 3 days for this section said it’s the longest continous ascent of the whole trail. 

The trail name issue seems to become more and more urgent. Until now we avoided to take trail names – just used our ‘normal’ ones, but as a lot of hikers already quit and dropped off for the ones still on the trail a trail name is a ‘must have’. Silva thinks Silva is perfect even as trail name as it’s Latin for ‘wood’. Im tending to eventually take ‘Spock’, honouring actor and wise man Leonhard Nimoy.




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