Great Smokey Mountains, Fontana – Newfound Gap, day 15-17

Busted flat in Gatlinburg, waitin’ for the rain to end, feelin near as faded as … don’t know what, hikers wear no jeans (see K. Kristofferson). After the last few days I would rather call the Great Smokey Mountains the Great Muddy Mountains and the trail ‘Appalachian channel’. Guys we met said they have not seen the trail that muddy for the last 30 years. No day without rain for more than 10 days and the descent from Clingmans Dome today was just walking in a stream. Clingmans Dome is besides the highest point of the A.T., 2025m. In pouring rain and hard winds we had no real joy to celebrate this moment. No down to Gatlinburg which is known as the USA’s most touristic town (the Great Smokey Mountains NP is the USA’s most visited National Park). The whole town feels a little bit like the Vienna Prater, of course US style. Dunkin Donuts is next to our Motel and I’m wondering if I should check out what it is that attracts Homer Simpson that much. I guess we’ll take our second zero day tomorrow if it continues to rain that heavily. Wait and see what tomorrow brings!



6 thoughts on “Great Smokey Mountains, Fontana – Newfound Gap, day 15-17”

  1. Hey guys, the rain can be a real killer. And as it seems you have a lot of it. Last year we had tornado warnings and we stayed in Gatlinburg for two days. I wish you that the weather will be better soon. Maybe you can at least enjoy eating everything you can find and chill out whatching some tv 😉
    Happy Trails


  2. Hallo Ihr Lieben,
    gut, wenn das Wetter etwas besser wird und das gesamte Unterfangen damit hoffentlich auch. Ihr seht gestresst aus.
    Ich schicke Euch etwas von der Sonne, die uns hier verwöhnt und wünsche Euche, dass es besser weiter geht.


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